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Embroidery needle

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Embroidery needle


embroidery needle - used to add embroidery to clothing


embroider text <string> on <clothing> with <needle>
embroider pattern from <book> on <clothing> with <needle>
thread <needle> with <thread>
remove thread from <needle>


Once threaded, the embroidery needle can be used to embroider a small amount of text on an item of clothing (or a special linen square). The text will appear in the language you are currently speaking and so you need to be proficient in it.

If you have an embroidery pattern book you can embroider a pattern on an item of clothing. The book must be open to the page you wish to embroider from and a number of threads may be required to complete the pattern.

Only certain materials can be embroidered on. If you make a mistake you can remove the embroidery with an unpicker.

Embroidering uses the skill crafts.materials.needlework and helps with embroidering patterns.


> thread needle with thread
You thread the embroidery needle with a blue cotton thread.

> embroider pattern from book on tunic with needle
You confidently start to embroider your yellow tunic.
You reach the end of your thread and tie a knot in it, noting that there is
still some work to be done on the pattern.

> embroider text Born to Rune on tunic with needle
You carefully start to embroider something on your yellow tunic.
You add the last stitch to your yellow tunic and tie a knot in the thread.