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Architects Medal

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Architects Medal

Architects Help file

Ok so you've become an architect, Great, Fantastic, but what do you do now?

The first thing you should have a think about is the street you would like to work on. Firstly research all the other architects on the model in the architects meeting room to find out what's currently being worked on, that way you'll avoid doubling up on effort. Once you have picked a street and found it's not being worked on by anyone else (or alternatively found a big street that is being worked on and contacted the current architect with an offer of help) let the Creator in charge of the Architects (at the moment it's Thoreksken) know so that you can have the project assigned to you.

Now you have your street assignment it's time to start the creative juices flowing, let your thoughts run free and only limit them to the bounds of what would be in theme for the Discworld. If you have a copy of the Hard copy Stephen Briggs map then use it as a reference to see if there are any features on your street worth commenting on. Also use the AM based books (Night Watch, Thud!, Maskerade, Thief of Time etc.) to give you ideas for streets and the feel for the areas of the city where certain things would be appropriate.

Now comes the time to submit your street ideas and it would make it much easier on the Creator who implements them if you follow these basic standards.

i) Spell check your wurk.
ii) Use double spaces after a period.
iii) Have things like items and chats one per line
iv) Format items like so:
add_item("item", "generic description if the item doesn't change.");
add_day_item("item", "daytime description.");
add_night_item("item", "night time description.");
add_item( ({"item", "synonym"}), "description of thing with more than one name.");
v) Format general, day and night chats like so:
"chat one",
"chat two",
"chat three"
vi) If you need to use " in a description or a chat then put it in as \" similarly if you want a new line in a description you should use \n.
vIi) Where possible have day and night descriptions/items/chats to give more depth to your submissions.
viIi) Stay consistent with DW themes.
ix) Have fun with your descriptions, if they make you smile or laugh then chances are they will do the same for others. DW is a place where puns abound and the wit is sharp.
x) Spell chuck your work again.
xi) Proof read your spiel chucked work.

Ok so now you have a perfect and wonderful street description on your local machine, what should you do with it? The best way to bring it to the attention of the Creator responsible is to go to the architects meeting room and 'submit' it by using the submit command and then copy/pasting it into the mud editor. If you use this method the relevant people will be notified that there is a file waiting to be looked at. Of course you don't have to do your street all at once, if you get a couple of the rooms done and submit them then come back later to add on the next ones the clerk will be happy to give you back what you've submitted so far to edit or add to.

Don't forget to collect your nice medal from the meeting room and wear it with pride. And of course if you have any questions about what you're supposed to be doing please let me know via tell if you catch me online or mudmail to Thoreksken.


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