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Discworld command help



track - Follow the trail left behind by someone.


track <player>


The track command allows you to follow the trail left behind by a player or a unique NPC. An attempt to track costs nine crafts points, and the difficulty in tracking someone depends upon your crafts.hunting.tracking skill. Other factors include how long ago your quarry passed through the room, their covert abilities, how skilled they are in tracking others, and the type of terrains you're currently in.

Tracking someone in cities is different from tracking in terrains. In terrains, your skill in tracking might allow you to find out which direction you need to head towards in order to pick up the trail left behind by your quarry.


> track heric
You inspect your surroundings and have few doubts that Heric
Whiteblade went east a short while back.

> track sibyl
You look around for signs that Sibyl has been through here
and decide that she left east a very short time ago.