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inhume - Method of terminating someone's life.


inhume <sucker> with <weapon>
inhume <sucker> by performing with <instrument>

inhume <sucker> by stabbing with <weapon> - for assassins
inhume <sucker> by beheading with <weapon> - for hashishim
inhume <sucker> by garroting with <weapon> - for mano rossa
inhume <sucker> with ninja chop - for ninja


This is the assassins' technique of terminating someone's life.

All the methods use covert.items.weapons, except the ninja chop which uses
covert.stealth.x, to bypass a victim's adventuring.perception.

The skills fighting.range.{thrown|fired} (for ranged and the musical
methods), fighting.melee.dagger (for stabbing), fighting.melee.sword (for
beheading), fighting.unarmed.striking (for ninja chop) or
fighting.unarmed.grappling (for garroting) are tested against the
appropriate defensive skill.

These skills are also used in the final stage against the victim's or fighting.unarmed.grappling in the case of garroting.

Weapons must be held, and fired weapons loaded. Any weapon or ammunition
used to inhume that can contain poison must be filled with a fatal poison
to have a chance of a successful inhume.

There are a limited number of 'weapons' available for the garroting method.
Any stabbing dagger and any slicing sword can be used for stabbing and
beheading, respectively. Any ranged weapon can be used for the ranged
(default) method. The judge command can be used to determine whether a
specific weapon can be used to perform.

Inhume uses 100 of your guild points and you may only inhume players (if you are both playerkillers) or NPCs with contracts out on them.

NPCs can only be closed a total of 4 times by each individual.

Note: the ranged and musical techniques are the only ones that guarantee
anonymity if all skillchecks are passed.


> inhume hobbes with blowpipe
> inhume womble by performing with black violin

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