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Discworld command help



fix - Fix up weapons, armour or other metal items.


fix <object>
fix <cost> <object>


This command allows you to fix up metal objects, as well as all sorts of weapons and armour which have been damaged. If your bonus in the relevant crafts.smithing subskill is high enough for the job, you may be able to repair the item completely; otherwise you will only be able to fix it a little that time, or maybe even not at all. It costs 35 guild points to attempt to fix an item on average, but this might differ for some smithies. You will be charged an amount of money for materials that you use. This cost depends on how much you are able to fix the item, how much it is worth, how large it is and where you do the fixing. The cost of repairs will also be more for an item with a lower all-time minimum condition. You can only fix items in an appropriate smithy: some smithies allow you to fix everything made out of metal, other smithies are more specialised.


> fix cost sword
To fix a long sword it would probably cost you about A$2.77.
> fix sword
You fix up a long sword.
It costs you A$3.15.

See also

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