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envalise - Bury a corpse to the greater good of your god.


envalise <corpses>


Using this command, you can perform a ritual to cause your god to send a servant to dispose of uneaten carrion, carrying the corpse away in a mystic suitcase.

Please note that all items in the corpse will be taken with the corpse. The process will contribute to the glory of your deity and, if you are out of alignment, move you a little closer towards being in favour.


> envalise corpse

You call upon the might of Hat, the Vulture-Headed God of Unexpected Guests, to dispose of the corpse of a worshipper of Fish.

Suddenly, an attractive young man in a flowery shirt appears unexpectedly beside you, dragging a large, battered suitcase. He quickly bundles the corpse of a worshipper of Fish into the suitcase, locks it shut and disappears as quickly as he came.

See also

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