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divorce - divorce a not-so-happily married couple


divorce <living> from <living>
complete [the] divorce

For the couple:
accept divorce
reject divorce


Certain guild officials and magistrates are granted the power to divorce married couples. The divorce command is used to do this. Once used, a divorce arbour will be created and the ceremony may commence.

Both parties must agree to the divorce before it can be completed, and this can can only take place at the divorce arbour.

Couples may not marry and divorce straight away. There may be facilities in some cities to allow a divorce where both parties do not need to agree to it.

The marry and divorce commands will also cause the spouse lists of the prospective particpants to be cleaned up by the removal of the names of any no longer existing players.


> divorce Womble from Bing
A divorce arbour appears in a puff of hatred.

You offer to divorce Bing from Womble.

The couple may either "accept divorce" or "reject divorce". Both must
accept for it to continue

Bing agrees to divorce Womble.
Womble agrees to divorce Bing.
Both parties have agreed to be divorced, you may now "complete the divorce".

> complete the divorce
Bing and Womble agree to divorce and, as their last act as a couple, they
start destroying the divorce arbour.
Bing kicks the divorce arbour over, and jumps on the fragile trellis,
crushing it.
Womble shoves Bing out of the way and sets fire to the broken arbour,
she then dances around it, Howandalandish style.
The tattered remains of a divorce arbour vanishes into a hatred dimension.

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