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Discworld command help



abscond - Allows you to sneak out of combat.


abscond <direction>
abscond <direction> and hide
abscond <direction> and ambush
abscond <direction> and sneak {low|medium|high}


With this command, you will attempt to beat a hasty and stealthy retreat from combat. Once you have set up, you will try to slip behind your opponent the next time you dodge and sneak out the specified exit. If you are successful, your opponent will not be able to tell which way you went.

An abscond can also be attempted after a successful feint. For this to work you must have queued both the feint and the abscond. If your opponent has been shoved or tripped to the ground, you may also attempt an abscond.

This command uses your relevant covert.stealth bonus to determine whether you are successful. Each attempt will cost you 40 covert points, plus the cost for the additional command if you want to go directly into hiding, sneaking or ambush.


The hugely overweight wizard moves aggressively towards you!
> abscond west
You situate yourself for a graceful and quiet exit.
The hugely overweight wizard pummels you with his chins.
You dodge out of the way of the hugely overweight wizard.
You quickly slip behind the hugely overweight wizard, and before he can
react, you are out the west exit.

See also

sneak, hide, ambush