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Discworld player help



prompt - Your command prompt.


prompt "<string>"
prompt {off|none}
prompt default


The prompt is the line that is printed after entering a command. The "prompt" command allows you to customise this line, or turn it off completely. The default prompt is "> ".

By setting your prompt to a string you can customise it. Certain control codes will be replaced in your string. These are:

$hp$Your current amount of hit points.
$maxhp$Your maximum amount of hit points.
$gp$Your current amount of guild points.
$maxgp$Your maximum amount of guild points.
$xp$Your current amount of experience points.
$hp_rp$A textual description of your current hit point status.
$gp_rp$A textual description of your current guild point status.
$burden$Your current burden %.
$burden_rp$A textual description of your current burden.
$temp$An indication of your temperature.
$align$An indication of your alignment.
$hurtcolour$A colour tag representing how hurt you are. Needs to be closed with the code %^RESET%^.
$newline$A newline.
$combat_attitude$Your current combat attitude tactics.
$combat_response$Your current combat response tactics.


> prompt
Your prompt is set to the default.

> prompt "[ Hp: $hp$/$maxhp$ ] "
You set your prompt to "[ Hp: $hp$/$maxhp$ ] ".

[ Hp: 2805/2805 ] prompt default
You set your prompt to the default value.

See also

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