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hcomm - Communication history.


hcomm [{brief|verbose|split}]
hcomm [{brief|verbose|split}] player
hcomm [{brief|verbose|split}] <number>
hcomm [{brief|verbose|split}] <number> hours
hcomm [{brief|verbose|split}] search <name>


The history of all communication you witnessed, either remote or local. This command merges the outputs from "htell", "hsoul" and "hsay", and thus shows you all recent soul commands, tells, says, emotes and remotes which occurred inside your room, or which involved you remotely.

By default, communication is shown together with the date and time it occurred, and for all communication its kind is shown (for instance, whether something is a soul or a say — remotes are counted as tells in this). If you set "brief htell", then date, time and communication kind will not be shown (this setting also affects brevity of other communication history commands, such as htell and hsoul).

If you want to bypass your setting, just specify "hcomm brief" or "hcomm verbose" directly. You can also specify "hcomm split": this will show with each message what kind of communication it is, but not the date and time.

When using "hcomm search" followed by a name, you will only be shown communcation involving that specific person. If you use hcomm followed by a number, you only see that number of chats. When using the "hcomm <number> hours" syntax, you will be shown only communication in the last given number of hours.

Of course, not only other players communicate, but also non-player characters. To see only chats by other players, use the "hcomm player" command. Since player-communication is saved separately, this may sometimes show messages which do show up directly in "hcomm".

Merge Issues

Since tells, says and souls are all saved separately, it is entirely likely that the individual histories go back further than the shared communication history.

If you use the search command, it is possible that you get communication of one kind from much further back than communication of another kind. For example, if your tell history goes back two hours, and your soul history goes back only one hour, and you spoke to Pinkfish one and a half hour ago, then "hcomm search pinkfish" will only bring up tells, even if there were soul commands in this conversation.


> hcomm
** <random time> **
[soul] Ilik thanks you.
** <random time> **
[say] Wodan says: I wonder what this button does.

> hcomm brief player
Wodan says: I wonder what this button does.

See also

htell, hsoul, hsay, hnewbie