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Discworld command help



events - a command to list and give information about player-run events


events list
events list [for] <group>
events view [details for] <event name>

For event organisers:
events add <event name> for <group> starting on <day-month> at <hour:minute>
events add <event name> for <group> starting on <day-month> at <hour:minute> and ending on <day-month> at <hour:minute>
events {add|remove} <player> as helper for <event name>
events change {start|end} time for <event name> to <day-month> at <hour:minute>
events change group for <event name> to <group>
events change name of <event name> to <new event name>
events change details for <event name>
events delete <event name>

To see event informs:
inform event
inform on


This command can be used to record and retrieve information about forthcoming player-run events. Organisers can add events for particular player groups (such as the six main guilds, playerkillers) and set the start and end times. All times given must be in the server (London) timezone, and be of the format DD-MM MM:HH using the 24 hour clock. Once this is done, the organiser will be placed into the editor to provide more information about the event. Up to two event helpers can be added by the organiser, and once added they have the same access as the event organiser with the exception of deleting the event and adding/removing helpers.

Events can be listed, by group if desired, and event details viewed. Event times will be displayed in the viewer's local timezone if this has been set.

Please note that when viewing or changing event details, the exact event name must be used.

To get a message when a new event is added or when one is due to start within an hour, the event inform can be turned on.


events add Marriage of Womble to Blue for priests starting on 15-05 at 14:00
and ending on 15-05 at 16:00

events view details for Marriage of Womble to Blue

events change group for Marriage of Womble to Blue to all

events list all