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debate - Challenge someone, or accept a challenge, to a debate


debate <topic> with <person>
debate [argue] <argument> [by] saying <something convincing>
debate reject [challenge]
debate accept [challenge]
debate list
debate list <topic>


This command is used generically to start a debate in a variety of different topics. The process of debating and the skills needed for success depend on the topic being debated and the argument you choose. Topics can be viewed with 'debate list'.

There are several ways to win. Next to your skills, arguments are an important feature, as is how you use your words. Note that certain arguments will always beat certain other arguments and that it is important to be creative when you form your reasoning.


> debate secrecy with evis
You challenge Evis to a debate on secrecy.
Evis accepts your challenge to a debate on secrecy. Please select your argument now.
> debate argue lockpicking by saying I will pick your lock, if you know what I mean!
You select an argument. Now wait until Evis has selected one.
You exclaim in Morporkian: You think you know better, Evis, but I tell you: I will pick your lock, if you know what I mean!
Evis selects an argument.
Evis says in Morporkian: That is not the case. An elephant coold teach yoo some tips aboot sneaking
Evis convinced you in this debate.