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Discworld player help


consider - Consider how worthwhile it is to attack something.


consider <target(s)>


The consider command can be used to see if the monster you are thinking about attacking is too high or too low a level for you. This command is provided as is without any warranty express or implied. Your mileage may vary.

You can also try to consider an opponent covertly. This will give you the same information as a normal consider, but will not notify your opponent that they have been considered if the check against covert.casing.person is successful.


The following are the order of responses that `consider' gives:

	<target> is too weak to bother attacking
	<target> is someone you look down on
	<target> would be an easy target
	<target> is a lot weaker than you are
	<target> is weaker than you are
	<target> is slightly weaker than you are
	<target> is about equal with you
	<target> is slightly tougher than you are
	<target> is tougher than you
	<target> is a lot tougher than you
	<target> looks pretty nasty
	<target> is into the don't think about it region
	You would have to be utterly insane to attack <target>


'consider' takes into account such things as weapon, armour, offensive and defensive skill and hit points so your results may vary depending on the health and equipment of the monsters at the time.

'consider' does not take into account any special tactics, commands, rituals or spells which may be employed by you or your opponents.

At high levels (for both players and NPCs) consider becomes more and more inaccurate.

If you consider multiple targets it will attempt to calculate your chances against all the monsters at once - but it's only a rough guide.


> consider dragon
You would have to be utterly insane to attack the dragon!
> consider rat
The rat would be an easy target.
>consider covert merchant
The merchant, considered covertly, is a lot tougher than you.

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