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poker - the game of chance and bluff


start new game on <table>
finish game on <table>
join game as {red|yellow|blue|green|mauve|cyan|vermillion} on <table>
resign on <table>
ante on <table>
check on <table>
bet <total amount> on <table>
raise <amount> on <table>
discard <cards> on <table>
discard none on <table>
call on <table>
fold on <table>
rules on <table>


Poker is a game of chance and bluffing. You have a set of 5 hidden cards you are trying to play against everyone else in the game. The person with the highest end hand wins the pot.

The betting rounds proceed as follows: The first person has three choices. They can 'check', 'raise' or 'fold'. A check bid means they are staying in the round without betting anything. You may only do a check bid if the current bid is 0. 'fold' will throw in your hand, i.e. quitting the current game.

Once everyone has 'called' to the same bet amount, then the next round starts.

The rounds in poker are as follows: Ante, Initial Bet, Discard, Final Bet.

In the ante phase you are paying a certain amount of money to the house and a certain amount of money into the starting pot.

In the discard phase you get to discard as many cards as you wish.

Any variations in rules and the maximum, minimum bets and so can be seen with the 'rules' command.


> join as green on poker
> start game on poker
> ante on poker
> raise $1 on poker
> discard a,b on poker
> call on poker
> discard none on poker
> call on poker

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