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This fireplace burns its fuel through a variety of stages before finally turning it into ash, so remember to keep it fully stoked! Extra fuel can be added to the fire at any stage but removing it while a merry blaze is burning would be daft! It provides a little warmth and light, welcome on any cold winter's night.


light <fireplace> with <object>

And if you are a wizard:
zap <object>
point [finger] at <fireplace>

And if you are a witch:
glare at <fireplace>

Fuel can be 'put' into the hearth of the fireplace. Once there, some form of flint can be used to light the fire, or if you are a wizard you can summon an ickle fireball to do the job.

The fire will then burn away merrily until all its fuel has been burnt to a cinder or turned to ash.


dowse <fireplace>
extinguish <fireplace>

These commands stop the fireplace from burning.