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Journalism and Discworld

With a number of player run and controlled newspapers in business, there are exciting employment prospects for the Discworld player in the area of newspaper journalism.

Prospective reporters are able to 'apply' for a position at a particular newspaper at their office location. The application will be automatically mailed to all editors of the paper - to assist them in their decision regarding your employment it is typically advised to provide a sample of writing as well as an indication of areas of journalistic interest.

If successful in your application, you'll be issued with your official press credentials and set loose upon the unsuspecting populace! Just make sure to waggle them under the nose of all prospective interviewees so they know that you're after them for the public interest, not just general busy bodying. (If someone approaches you without, or worse yet, with fake credentials, make sure to send them off to a newspaper office to apply for some!)

Reporters are paid in both money and experience at the editors' discretion for work undertaken for the newspaper. For further information regarding the positions available at each paper, or the types of articles they are looking for, consult the editors.

Of particular interest to newspaper reporters is the 'help newspaper_office' file, which explains the various commands available to them in the newspaper office as well as further information regarding issues such as formatting of articles.

For any further enquiries as to the glamourous world of journalism feel free to contact one of the newspaper editors by visiting a newspaper office.

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