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Each different area of Discworld uses its own currency. Most major cities will have an office that will exchange foreign currency into local money.

The Newbie Area uses Pumpkin currency, which is equivalent to Ankh-Morpork coins in value.

Discworld Known Currencies

Currency types known to be in use at this time are:

ProvincialBrass, Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum coins.
Agatean EmpireAgatean Empire Rhinu coins and notes.
Ankh-MorporkPenny, Ten-pence, Half-Dollar, Dollar, Ten-Dollar, Royal and Crown coins.
Chee Smeee BleeNeeet, Zeef, and Deev coins.
DjelibeybiPtascp, Talon, Toon, Talent, Ra and Thanra coins.
EphebeDerechmus, Hemiobolus, Obolus, Drachma, Stater, Decadrachma, Mina and Tyrant coins.
GenuaCent, Livre, Forin, Ducat
HowondalandWichit beads.
KlatchPara, Two Para, Five Para, Ten Para, Fifty Para, Dinar, Two Dinar, Five Dinar, Ten Dinar, Fifty Dinar, Hundred Dinar, Thousand Dinar and Toman coins.
LancreFarthing, Ha'penny, Penny, Tuppence, Thruppence, Sixpence, Shilling, Crown, Tencrown, Sovereign, and Hedgehog coins.
TsortPara, Five Para, Ten Para, Five Akche, Ten Akche, Fifty Para, Kuru, Fifty Akche, Dinar, Ten Kuru, Five Dinar, Ten Dinar, Lira, Talent, Ten Lira and Ten Tyrant coins.
ZchlotiaZchloty leaden quarter-iotum coins.
Newbie AreaPumpkin Penny and Pumpkin Dollar coins.


The values of coins on Discworld is expressed in terms relative to the number of brass coins that each coin is worth, thus:

ProvincialBrass 1, Copper 10, Silver 100, Gold 2000, Platinum 6000
Agatean EmpireSaveloy-rhinu 4, Quarter-rhinu 120, Half-rhinu 240, Rhinu 480, Ten-rhinu 4800, Fifty-rhinu 24000
Ankh-MorporkPenny 4, Ten-pence 40, Half-Dollar 200, Dollar 400, Ten-Dollar 4000, Royal 40000, Crown 3200000
Chee Smeee BleeNeeet 3, Zeef 300, Deev 30000
DjelibeybiPtascp 2, Talon 20, Toon 200, Talent 2000, Ra 20000, Thanra 100000
EphebeDerechmus 2, Hemiobolus 8, Obolus 16, Drachma 96, Stater 192, Decadrachma 960, Mina 9600, Tyrant 96000
GenuaCent 3, Livre 300, Forin 3000, Ducat 30000
HowondalandWichit bead 1
KlatchPara 5, Two Para 10, Five Para 25, Ten Para 50, Twenty Para 100, Fifty Para 250, Dinar 500, Two Dinar 1000, Five Dinar 2500, Ten Dinar 5000, Fifty Dinar 25000, Hundred Dinar 50000, Thousand Dinar 500000, Toman 5000000
LancreFarthing 3, Ha'penny 6, Penny 12, Tuppence 24, Thruppence 36, Sixpence 72, Shilling 144, Crown 1728, Tencrown 17280, Sovereign 20736, Hedgehog 248832
TsortHeptakche 1, Para 3, Akche 7, Five Para 15, Ten Para 30, Five Akche 35, Ten Akche 70, Fifty Para 150 , Kuru 300, Fifty Akche 350, Dinar 700, Ten Kuru 3000, Five Dinar 3500, Ten Dinar 7000, Lira 30000, Talent 70000, Ten Lira 300000, Ten Talent 700000
ZchlotiaQuarter-iotum 2
Newbie AreaPumpkin Penny 4, Pumpkin Dollar 400


Some currencies feature special notation.

> DjToon 611.10
In Djelibeybi the value of all coins is added together and displayed in DjToon, see section Values for how to get to that number.

> 1,2,3,4Gd
The first number is the amount of Genua ducats, the second forins, the third livres and the fourth cents (from left to right this would be 1 ducat, 2 forins, 3 livres and 4 cents). The highest coin type will be displayed with its symbol of either Gd, Gf, Gl or Gc (where ducat > forin > livre > cents). E.g. if you have a ducat, it will display Gd etc.

> LH 1|2|3|4|5 1/4
That is 1 Lancre hedgehog, 2 Lancre sovereigns, 3 Lancre crowns, 4 Lancre shillings and 5 Lancre pennies and 1 Lancre farthing, notated as 1/4 of a penny (see section Values). The base for Lancre coinage is 12, with each major denomination (seperated by "|" in brief form) being worth twelve times the amount of the next lower denomination. For example, 1 shilling = 12 pennies, and so forth.

Because there are so many currencies in use on the Disc, the information provided here could change without notice.

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