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Discworld player help



On Discworld it is possible to get hypothermia and heatstroke if you wear the wrong clothing in the wrong place. Clearly such a system could be intensely annoying and so the Discworld system is very "gentle". The effects are far less than you would find in the real world. Ultimately, of course, you can die from both these conditions, however it would take significant time to get yourself hot enough or cold enough for such an eventuality.

Managing your temperature

As you start to get too hot or too cold you will begin to sweat or shiver. If you are getting really, really hot or cold you may temporarily lose some stat points.

If you are getting cold, put on more clothing. If you are getting too hot remove some clothing.

You may also find items, spells or rituals that assist in keeping you comfortable.

Being wet (through sweating or swimming) will help to cool you down.

The command 'temperature' will tell you how warm the place you are in is, how much warmth/cooling your clothing is giving you, and how hot or cold you are.