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Pets — faithful companions who follow you in times of war and peace.

detail my pets
consign pet named <string> <number> to history
consign pet named <string> to history
consign all [my] pets to history
transfer ownership of <pet> to <living>


Pets are loyal companions who can be adopted or bought for a price. Currently there are several options available; pets may be acquired from a shop or similar, or may be found in the wild, or transferred (with the exception of moon dragons) from another player.

You can buy your pets customised collars and leashes. When your pet is on a leash it won't wander away or be quite as visible. Not all pets can be collared or leashed, however.

Not all pets need to be fed or watered, although some require careful attention. They will follow you all the time, unless specifically told to stay put. This might be a good idea if you are going to places where your pets might fall into danger. Should you find yourself in such an area, and with a dead pet on your hands, fear not; pets can be raised by a suitably skilled and motivated priest.

If you forget your pet's name, you can remember it by using the 'detail' command. This command helps you keep track of your pets' names and how many pets currently own you. If you tire of your pet and need a change, or simply need your space, you can use the 'consign' command. and go on your merry pet-free way.

Witches: Please note that fruitbats are magical creatures who serve you. They are not pets and cannot be consigned. Please see 'help fruitbat' for more information.

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