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Capture The Flag - Useful commands

addAdds a player to your team.
createCreates a new team.
ctf, ctf:Let you speak and emote on the CTF channel.
getGetting a paralysed teammate removes their paralysis.
As well, you get things from racks to equip yourself. Note that you can specify a number of copies to get from the rack with the syntax 'get <number> copies of <item> from <rack>'.
team, team:Let you speak on a channel specific to your team.
flagTells you where the flag is in the arena or, if someone is holding it, who has the flag.
hoistRaises the flag on the pole to score points.
scoresTells you the current scores.
timecheckTells you how much time is remaining in the match.
tossThrow fruit into the arena from the observation gallery.

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