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Crafts and crafting is a large group of skills and trades available across the Disc. These usually peaceful exploits include such pursuits as fixing up your own weapons and clothing, but also pottery making, music, jewellery making, and many other trades. With enough skill and patience, the items made can be quite valuable.


There is no craftsman's guild on the Disc; anyone with skills and patience can use crafting tools regardless of their chosen profession. Some guilds are more suited for crafting than others as many craft skills rely on intelligence and/or dexterity.


Crafting trades rely on the relevant skills in the crafts skill tree, often in constellation with each other or related skills. To dye cloth for quilting, for example, you need to be able to dye cloth but also to be able to create a pleasing design and to create that design in the actual dyeing vat (using the crafts.arts.materials.dyeing,, and covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand skills respectively).

Rearranges that support intelligence and dexterity have the advantage with most crafting skills but there is no such thing as a rearrange that cannot be used for crafting.

In point of warning, not every skill in the crafts skill tree has a direct use yet (as is the case for other skill trees). Game elements using these skills may be implemented in the future.


Workshops are found in many different places around the Disc, and many artisans will let players use their facilities for a fee. Tools that can be used outside of workshops are often for sale in shops that relate to the craft. For example, a jewellery maker can make the initial jewellery at the forge at the Academy of Artificers in Sto Lat, and then take them home to sculpt and file with the appropriate tools in the privacy of their own home.

Some guilds have crafting workshops on their property. Not all of these are open to the public, instead being reserved for guild members' use. Similarly, some Agatean noble houses reserve workshops for their friends' use exclusively.

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