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citizenship - being a citizen of a city state.


Citizenship is available in certain city states in Discworld. Being a citizen means you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the city state. It also gives you certain benefits, you must be a citizen to own a house and you must be a citizen to gain specific titles. There is no cost to citizenship and you may be a citizen in as many city states as you wish. City states can add their own rules about who can and cannot be citizens of that city state, they can deny dual citizenship or the citizenship of alts if they wish. You can apply for citizenship within the council chambers in Ankh-Morpork, the Djelibeybi Palace and the Hall of Records in Bes Pelargic.

Magistrates are popularly elected by the citizens and can make the rules within their own city states and serve for 20 weeks. All rules are ratified by the entire citizen base (if they wish to do so). Each area has a fixed number of magistrates. The number of possible magistrates can be seen in the council information, which is available in the voting booth and in some of the other areas of the mud.

Rules can be made which affect only citizens and other rules can be made to affect the entire playerbase.

Cases can be brought before the magistrate for rulings on issues, these issues can be anything which violates the rules of the council. Anyone may start a case. Magistrates' decisions can be appealed. All punishments will be related to cases, so you can always see why a punishment was applied.

Any issue which is related to a rule in the city state may have a case brought against it. Cases which are not breaking rules are not against the law. You can petition magistrates to get the law changed. Only players can be citizens, cases may only be brought against other players.

Magistrates will have a wide variety of punishments available to deal with people who break the rules. They will range from simple fines to banishment from the city. You can see the list of punishments available in any city by going to the court room and looking at the list of punishments.

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