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WAF was founded by Queenmab in Ankh-Morpork

To Ask Nicely for help
To give help when asked 
The members of WAF are always ready to help anyone who is in need of help though you must remeber that once you ask they do reserve the right to say no 
The members are:
Abhishek, Andra, Annalenne, Astohamas, Avant, Avonlea, Bambi, Brandi, Corvid, Dolk, Funderburk, Geryon, Juppi, Kitiara, Larameth, Lazy, Leachim, Liard, Lotte, Maliene, Nuit, Opal, Paddy, Phoibe, Redwood, Regrave, Ronblade, Senarobin, Silient, Stille and Xincrii
The recruiters are:
Abhishek, Geryon, Redwood, Ronblade and Xincrii

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Sun Apr 23 13:06:14 2023