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tgs was founded by Elistan in Ankh-Morpork

  TGS is the official club for staffers of the Green Slab, the Discworld's soon-to-be premier source of News and Entertainments. If you are an employee of the Slab and not a member, please contact a recruiter ASAP and we'll get you signed up.

  The Green Slab is an Agatean newspaper although a branch office is also available on Rime Street, Ankh-Morpork. We have a proud tradition of not letting facts get in the way of a good story and there is no one we're afraid to point a joke at. Compared to a certain other newspaper available on the Disc, the Green Slab is about people, community, satire, and (not always good-natured) fun. When it comes to making fun of people, no one is sacred, not even the paper's own editors and employees.

  We like names and events. This means narrative comment to current events on the Disc, satirical and/or descriptive. A good piece of fiction is always welcome although one that relates to current events is preferred. We like parodies of the things that everyone knows and laughs at. We love the public opinion. Names are good. We like catching people when they're lying, scheming, or just plain making themselves look foolish. We love a good filk. And names are always good.

  Each office has copies of the paper for sale, as well as subscriptions, newspaper boxes and the back catalogue. The relevant syntaxes are listed in the room helpfiles. Copies can also be purchased from newspaper boxes in pubs, embassies and playershops all over the disc, as well as from paperchildren wandering the streets of Ankh-Morpork. The paper can be read from the Discworld MUD website or in the game, however the in game copies are written in Agatean. Advertisements can be placed at either office, but the Ankh-Morpork office still requires payment in rhinu, not dollars.

  If you would like to become a reporter for the Slab, please write a sample article and send it via mudmail to the editors of the paper (currently Andrew, Araltaln and Asha). If there is anything about yourself you want us to know, include a note on it, but we're not really interested in who your alts are. We are not opposed to the idea of accepting a single article only from a reporter although we obviously prefer to employ people who can be trusted to deliver a steady stream of submissions month after month.
The members are:
Aell, Appelhof, Flar, Iezika, Kerrie, Klawdees, Llylia and Phabian
The recruiters are:
Appelhof, Kerrie, Llylia and Phabian

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Wed Feb 8 21:33:10 2023