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Taxi was founded by Mordred in Ankh-Morpork

    TAXI -- We'll take you there!
Standard Fare: A$5.00 (or equivalent in other currency)
  You can use the 'rate' command to convert currencies.
  'rate 5 dollars in am to ephebe'
Newbie Fare: Free (18 hours and under)
Multi-stop & Missions: Consult with your Taxi.

How to Hail a Taxi:  Type 'who taxi'. 
Choose an 'On Duty' Taxi member and send them a tell with 
your current location and then your destination.

Etiquette:  Many Taxis may be 'idle' but 'On Duty' waiting for your call.
If the Taxi you hail seems unresponsive, after giving them some time 
to reply, you can send a tell to another Taxi.  Let the previous 
Taxi know you have hailed another.

Recruiting:  If you want to join Taxi, send a tell to a recruiter 
(marked with 'r' in refer Taxi).
They will guide you through the application process.

  For more detailed information on the Taxi club, please visit:  
The members are:
Abigor, Ackley, Adrisa, Aengel, Agari, Aine, Akane, Alekzandra, Aleris, Alric, Astraea, Avocado, Avonlea, Baldarov, Baralai, Bartleby, Barto, Beasteater, Behave, Boureka, Broldam, Burton, Byll, Chico, Chiuwerpon, Chryson, Cirdan, Damiate, Dejones, Delphini, Elanor, Eliza, Elranda, Elros, Epak, Ezate, Fegreac, Firefox, Flicker, Fraelin, Funderburk, Gandalph, Geminii, Gwilliam, Handstand, Heal, Helen, Hendrix, Herakles, Herk, Hiccup, Hilan, Hokusai, Ilyas, Ingalill, Inruth, Itaxi, Jiji, Jippen, Kablahmo, Kamozai, Kathiaca, Katsumoto, Kayse, Keicup, Kethri, Kettlebadger, Kikimora, Kina, Korin, Kuekewak, Laos, Latanza, Leachim, Leliana, Leofire, Lesa, Lidia, Llia, Mandilip, Marius, Marko, Mattick, Meme, Milen, Mirodar, Mizuki, Monsoon, Morosa, Mrwolfie, Mursi, New, Nicia, Nyndor, Odium, Oki, Onnastick, Oodle, Ostro, Paracelsus, Persephone, Phabian, Pisces, Pli, Pri, Ptherium, Pure, Pyrus, Qui, Quinton, Rae, Rainbowbeard, Rhalelden, Robertsson, Rodgerly, Rowan, Salustra, Samael, Sarene, Sarissa, Selignite, Seraphim, Sevyn, Sharkira, Sheitan, Shep, Silient, Slurms, Soupy, Squishii, Stamen, Steve, Sylvie, Tade, Taliesin, Taniil, Theresa, Tic, Tip, Tsuki, Tuan, Tuppy, Tzoeve, Uber, Ulalessi, Uleza, Undertaker, Vasilli, Vonha, Vos, Voudun, Weezard, Wigglefigs, Woof, Wyonette, Yuta, Yuuki, Zal, Zari, Zmogus, Zuga and Zyr
The recruiters are:
Aine, Akane, Alekzandra, Aleris, Avonlea, Baralai, Bartleby, Barto, Boureka, Broldam, Chico, Chiuwerpon, Damiate, Dejones, Eliza, Ezate, Fegreac, Fraelin, Gandalph, Geminii, Gwilliam, Herk, Ilyas, Ingalill, Itaxi, Jiji, Jippen, Kathiaca, Kikimora, Kuekewak, Laos, Leachim, Leliana, Lidia, Mandilip, Marius, Mattick, Meme, Mirodar, Mrwolfie, Nicia, Odium, Oki, Onnastick, Persephone, Phabian, Pisces, Pli, Pure, Pyrus, Quinton, Rainbowbeard, Rhalelden, Rodgerly, Seraphim, Sevyn, Shep, Slurms, Stamen, Steve, Sylvie, Tade, Taliesin, Taniil, Tip, Tuan, Tuppy, Uber, Undertaker, Voudun, Woof, Yuuki, Zari and Zuga

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Tue Nov 1 22:20:18 2022