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The Mikazuki family was founded by Wrathe in Ankh-Morpork

A minor Agatean family and former spies for one of the Five Agatean Families,
the Mikazuki clan have decided to immigrate and settle in Ankh-Morpork (flee) after a brief misunderstanding (palace intrigue).
Now they work independently, seeking to carve out fortune and
glory for themselves and to do so as one of the Disc's most fun, supportive and kind families.

As well the Mikazuki clan is always welcome to new family members who wish to
have fun and wander around the Disc in seek of adventure!
Please message any of us if you wish to join us!
The members are:
Itsuki, Leovar, Lynxii, Mortis, Nata, Nevermore, Pimina, Striat and Wrathe