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black_widows was founded by Iohannes in Ankh-Morpork

This is the official club for the Black Widow house of the Conlegium Sicariorum.
The members are:
Acalyn, Adrala, Aell, Aphaea, Avelyn, Bana, Botun, Cathrine, Desde, Ellone, Erianthe, Florence, Gweedo, Iohannes, Jacintha, Jenna, Jhanifer, Kara, Lanore, Lenor, Llylia, Lori, Marissa, Mialee, Minerva, Moriana, Mumpfi, Piedeleu, Psitian, Reva, Satin, Seraphine, Stabbity, Tadpolly, Teani and Xola
The recruiters are:
Acalyn, Aell, Aphaea, Bana, Erianthe, Florence, Iohannes, Jenna, Lenor, Llylia, Marissa, Mialee, Moriana, Mumpfi, Piedeleu, Psitian, Satin, Seraphine and Stabbity

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Mon Jan 30 21:34:04 2023