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The al'Nighter family was founded by Nayeli in Ankh-Morpork

While the family idled out once or twice, the below is provided for historical/nostalgic/alcohol-ravaged memory reference purposes. Data saved some time in 2005:

Any old members who want to return, or new friends who are interested are welcome to contact oh -- whoever. 

The al'Nighter family was founded by Aalizjiane in Ankh-Morpork

A firmly established family that seems to capture those souls stuck in mudding limbo, unable to leave Discworld no matter how much Real Life insists. al'Nighters, be they good, evil, or just plain mad, are generally nice people. However, the al'Nighter family is a very protective family. Wrong one, and we shall seek revenge! (Somehow. Possibly with pitchforks, a match, and too much scumble).
The daft matriarch Aalizjiane is often absent (theories range from her passing out in Khot-Lip-Khin surrounded by pickled cats to being locked up somewhere in the thieves' guild), and these days the family is run by her dear deadly sister, Nayeli.

The members are: 
Aalizjiane, Alyona, Anabella, Anya, Batlin, Beale, Braindeed, Dain, Delta, Diluted, Elomish, Exolon, Flamore, Fleetfoot, Gypsy, Horror, Jaxom, Jendra, Larisa, Leelo, Linsky, Nayeli, Nell, Neran, Nightwolf, Rake, Sannr, Seethe, Souzanne, Thirsha, Tonia, Waif, Wesley, Wintergreen, Ximthea and Zenedra
The members are:
Ayahuasca, Chase, Hai, Heretics, Horror and Nayeli