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Von Brassbridge Clan was founded by Appelhof in Ankh-Morpork

This is the club for family members of von Brassbridge, as well as anyone who is somehow involved in the dealings of this ragged band of misfits.

         *** Rules of the von Brassbridge Family ***

Rule one: Be proud.
 We von Brassbridges may be just fake nobility, but the value of any social status is equal to the amount of value you give to it. Value yourself! (And others, of course. Being proud doesn't mean being a dick.)

Rule two: Do something crazy every day. 
 Being rational gets old fast. Break the curse of the grayface and do something irrational today; wear underpants on your head, give a royal to a stranger (or, if you can't afford that, give a hug), jump into a random carriage or get lost in L-space. Or something! Be creative!

Rule three: You shall not eat hot dog buns.
 It's for your own good.

Rule four: Always dress flamboyantly.
 As nobility you are required to look the part. So you should have lot's of bright colours, fluttering silk and feathers in your clothing. And shiny stuff. And noisy stuff too, like bells. Make everyone notice you.

Rule FIVE: Make your own rules
 So maybe you like hot dog buns and don't want to dress flamboyantly. Maybe you don't want to do crazy stuff, and maybe you want to act humble instead of proud. That is perfectly alright. A true von Brassbridge makes their own rules and lives by them.

I feel compelled to add - and this has nothing to do with that serious-looking creator holding a knife on my throat - that you *should* obey rules of the DiscworldMUD, as those are rules you willingly agreed to when creating your account. Obviously same goes to any set of rules you have agreed to of your own will. (these family rules doesn't count, as I made them all up.)

The members are:
Aberaven, About, Aine, Airica, Alergia, Ancasi, Angeldust, Annalenne, Appelhof, Arlene, Aslo, Assassine, Award, Bile, Blaise, Breeze, But, Cady, Caper, Cutter, Czernobog, Dahlia, Dashi, Diplomacy, Does, Drama, Duh, Dyna, Eihei, Faris, Fenlas, Forgotten, Galderas, Gap, Goldie, Hachirou, Harcourt, Harlequinn, Hasmokos, Hillington, How, Incompetent, Inside, Ixtlan, Izzy, Jaceth, Jonny, Kathiaca, Kazuko, Kethri, Kierra, Kundry, Library, Lily, Lishe, Lock, Lorinelle, Magnus, Maladay, Manoeuvre, Marya, Meme, Merrick, Mintus, Mistake, Nelle, Neo, Nerdanel, New, Not, Nuala, Orichalco, Pale, Prowls, Puck, Ribbit, Robs, Rumina, Sailing, Salt, Sea, Sib, Sleep, Sleepy, Sleet, Snot, Spip, Spit, Stabbity, Stumble, Takatsuki, Tameri, Thazagoth, Tomorrow, Vayle, Vazaroth, Vea, Wasabi, Wielder and Wolphen
The recruiters are:
Appelhof, Galderas, Hasmokos, Jaceth, Kethri, Lorinelle, Maladay, Marya, Meme, Nelle, Nuala, Robs, Rumina, Salt, Sleet, Spit and Tameri

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Fri Nov 5 13:42:08 2021