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Trade was founded by Asaram in Ankh-Morpork

Trade is a club meant to function as a trade channel on Discworld. A place where you can offer or request goods or services of whatever nature you feel like so long as they do not break any of the club, MUD or Roundworld rules that apply.

So, to the basics. Anyone may join, no matter their guild, past bad behaviour in other clubs or national affiliations, the only requirement being that they behave themselves while on the club channel and follow the rules.

A: A deal is a deal. Don't accept goods, services or payment and only to then refuse to fulfil your part of the agreement.
B: Once is enough. Don't post the same offer several times in short succession, once or twice per hour is enough.
C: No profanity, insults or similar on the club channel.

Once you are out of Trade it will take a while before you are let back in, the period of time depending on the severity of the infraction.
The members are:
Aell, Aerich, Akeelah, Alfons, Angelo, Anjin, Annalenne, Annd, Aphaea, Apostrophe, Ares, Argent, Arkyn, Armand, Arrein, Asaram, Asha, Ashcroft, Ashdug, Aska, Asriel, Atero, Avantguard, Babelmonk, Balzaar, Bartleby, Beasteater, Bessus, Betta, Blues, Bogor, Bronx, Bumblebonk, Calais, Caminus, Candi, Celem, Charon, Chooxen, Chord, Chosig, Circe, Cops, Damiate, Delphini, Delusion, Dilitrio, Dinsdale, Dolk, Eagleheart, Elarian, Elauna, Electra, Eliza, Elmoose, Elorf, Elspeth, Emily, Emknaps, Ender, Erana, Erelisa, Espei, Eviscerator, Faye, Fole, Frazyl, Funderburk, Futurecast, Fuzzle, Garrion, Grin, Groux, Guawoz, Guffy, Gweedo, Gwyndrith, Haassasin, Hakushi, Haug, Hedge, Helaena, Hilarion, Horack, Huff, Iatemycat, Ikke, Irian, Ism, Jeanie, Jerah, Jiang, Jizi, Julia, Juppie, Justanalt, Kaedes, Kaeln, Kalam, Kalu, Kanashimi, Kastia, Kate, Kealakrystal, Kensai, Kikimora, Killiyana, Kithe, Kloke, Krotos, Kundry, Kyr, Lachlan, Lancustran, Latanza, Leben, Levo, Liege, Llia, Loy, Maeko, Malthos, Mauve, Mayhem, Mazakala, Mcleod, Mellisandre, Memnon, Mephala, Mig, Mishrak, Mitsukai, Morinehtar, Mothergoose, Mursi, Mycroft, Myra, Nashina, Necrom, Nefret, Neinittz, Nerevar, Nienna, Nierra, Nikolae, Nirilil, Otsid, Ouizardus, Outplayed, Paff, Pame, Peckering, Percussor, Persephone, Petrov, Phabian, Phagius, Phanuel, Phrynicus, Pincushiony, Pipien, Pithon, Poet, Pook, Pteri, Quasar, Quece, Quinton, Rahzel, Ralegoan, Rauchwolke, Releeh, Ressi, Riverphoenix, Rizinsun, Ruedii, Saiya, Sarah, Sarissa, Saryon, Scouter, Seksonlegs, Shenandoah, Sib, Sidd, Sleipnir, Slime, Slitwristz, Snyper, Sorae, Stene, Steve, Sylvie, Taliesin, Terrence, Tetrikitty, Tetsuko, Thalic, Therion, Thistle, Thrakkozz, Thunder, Tisamon, Tolle, Tomorrow, Tony, Trams, Trident, Tritia, Tuan, Tyro, Unite, Urwan, Valis, Venia, Venko, Wallace, Wallsy, Wasdrogan, Wiz, Wrathe, Xavius, Xincrii, Xola, Xorphitus, Yalpf, Yase, Ysela, Yukk, Zari, Zelos, Zeno, Zepherie, Zevious, Zhaan, Zistrom and Zmogus
The recruiters are:
Asaram, Betta, Charon, Chooxen, Delphini, Emily, Frazyl, Funderburk, Haassasin, Helaena, Huff, Ism, Jeanie, Julia, Juppie, Justanalt, Kate, Kloke, Lachlan, Mauve, Necrom, Ouizardus, Petrov, Quinton, Ressi, Scouter, Seksonlegs, Thrakkozz, Tony, Zari and Zmogus

This is an elected club:

The club board

The next election will be held at Sat May 7 10:10:02 2022