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The Unsinkables was founded by Sylfver in Ankh-Morpork

This is a place for the sailors of the disc to share tips, organise missions, brag about their achievements and offer a helping hand to new shipmates.

To be a memberr of this club you must:

1. Have completed the achievement Maiden Voyage
2. Have the skills to complete Maiden Voyage.

**more to come**
The members are:
Adamino, Aslo, Avenged, Boron, Bream, Capita, Cave, Circe, Cops, Daenerys, Daoi, Dejones, Delphini, Depthini, Dmon, Dragalar, Draze, Drew, Dunric, Ebisu, Elauna, Eviscerator, Fenrir, Flotino, Frazyl, Geryon, Grabblaka, Grandalf, Gro, Guildenstern, Haize, Haloj, Handstand, Herk, Ilmarinen, Ilmatar, Jiji, Jonny, Julnar, Kabo, Kake, Kamozai, Karthus, Kersei, Kikio, Kitty, Leeroy, Lilin, Lily, Martinez, Melancholic, Mephala, Mephistotle, Michi, Mintus, Mirodar, Mirri, Naboo, Natacha, Neptune, Nethuns, Nyge, Ostro, Pahn, Peach, Pokey, Pommes, Pteri, Pterrific, Remy, Reva, Ruhsbaar, Samesatsu, Sanibak, Skippy, Spice, Stabbit, Starfunkel, Swiper, Sylfver, Sylvie, Tatie, Tempo, Thiewin, Titus, Vein, Venia, Vyre, Waggoner, Westley, Xola, Zetil and Zimbus
The recruiters are:
Avenged, Geryon, Gro, Kabo, Mirri, Pommes, Pterrific, Sylfver, Tempo, Xola and Zetil

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Tue Apr 26 20:48:56 2022