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This is a secret club! Information about members is not shown to people outside the club.

This is a secret club!  No information is shown about the club to non members.
Information on Dragon's Flock founded by Emily in Ankh-Morpork.

The Dragon spreads her wings and enfolds her flock of friends.

This club is a gathering for people who are particularly admired and appreciated by Ms Emily von Schaf. 

Activities and club goals:

 * Collecting of hugs (mandatory)
 * Redispersment of hugs and smiles (mandatory)
 * Set title to  %^RED%^Em's <petname>%^RESET%^ (encouraged)
 * Messages can be left on the club chat channel (voluntary)
 * A large club house for all to share (future)

Taken titles though not all are in use:
Abhishek:Em's Moosilicious
Abinidi:Em's Mysterious Mugger
Amaranth:Em's Confidant
Antheia:Em's Garden of Flowers Goddess
Aragorn: Em's Valentine
Argayle:Em's Footpad
Arvid:Em's Aspiring Fireball
Booger:Em's Deep Pockets
Burich:Em's Playful Rogue
Clerithal & Saiya:Em's Cuddle Kittens
Clerithal:Em's Water Tiger
Collins:Em's Delightful Mage
DirtyPillows:Em's Feather Bed
Dmorph:Em's Delightful Something
Dtrain: Em's Master Blorper
Emily:The Thief of Hearts
Ganel:Em's Laundry Buddy
Ganel:Em's Resurrector
Hobe:Em's Werewolf
Ishako:Em's Pet Cre
Kairnath:Em's Summoner of TORNADOS
Krylin:Em's Panda
Mothergoose:Em's Young Crone
Nedkeli:Em's Sneaky Bushranger
Nepsous:Em's Little Devil
Nienna:Em's Crafty Companion
Ohm:Em's Daedalus
Ona:Em's Moose
Paff:Em's Aunty
Persephone:Em's Sunshine After Rain
RecklessEm's Hellbent Wizard
PharawaEm's Phearsome Pishie
Ploosk:Em's Cuddly Pirate
Ploosk:Em's Cuddly Squirrel
Ptoley:Em's Guardian Incubus
Raylias:Em's Footpad
Robwill:Em's Scribe
Saiya:Em's Scroll Slave
Tixal:Em's Ticklish Fish
Twiddle:Em's Winsome Warrior
Vire:Em's Pet Wizard
Woof:Em's Pet Werehound