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Anarchs was founded by Nines in Ankh-Morpork

My friend - let me tell you a tale of our struggle, the struggle for freedom amongst the oppressive regime...

We are called Anarchs because we don't play by other people's rules, we define our own way on this disc and the God's take pity on the soul of any in our path!
Down with the Princes that rule the night, we say, take flight ye who are draining the people of all strength and hope, whilst they have to toil and suffer under your rule. Together we shall overcome you and replace you with men and women of greater ability, knowledge, desire and most importantly, love for the people.
So my freinds, join the cause and make that change today. Throw off your shackles and rise, rise against the dieing of the light!

We shall be waiting for you to decide which side of the fence to jump, we shall be waiting...

- Nines Rodriguez, Baron of the Anarchs
The members are:
Agua, Annalenne, Baldarov, Eniad, Fives, Kaedes, Mumpfi, Nat, Paff, Wax and Zauberer
The recruiters are: