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AMDaily was founded by Jeanie in Ankh-Morpork

  This club is for reporters and supporters of the Ankh-Morpork Daily,
  one of Discworld's finest newspapers. It is published on the 1st of
  every month and focuses on factual news relevant to a large variety
  of Discworldians. Regular features include guild articles, columns,
  general news and competitions offering cash prizes.

  Buying the paper

  The paper can be bought in a number of ways:
  - From paper boxes in pubs (such as the Drum), embassies and player
    shops. Simply "buy paper from daily box".
  - From paperboys and papergirls, "buy daily from girl/boy".
  - From subscriptions. Subscriptions can be purchased in the AM Daily
    office on Rime street (four west, two north, three west from the
    Drum). When a new paper comes out it will automatically be
    deposited for you at the AM post office.
  - From paper boxes in player houses. These paper boxes are available
    for purchase in the Daily office, and can be placed like furniture
    in a player house.

  Once a paper has been purchased, it can be read from the secure
  webpages or on the mud itself. Back copies of the AM Daily can be
  bought downstairs in the office for 50 pence each, with the syntax
  "buy <edition number> of am daily".

  Working for the AM Daily

  Reporters for the AM Daily may do a number of things including
  interviews, research, creating puzzles, attending events or voicing
  an opinion. They either complete assignments or write articles of
  their own choosing and are paid both in money and experience.

  If you are interested in becoming a reporter for the Daily please
  contact the owner or one of the editiors.

  Advertising in the AM Daily

  Members of the public can advertise in the AM Daily by submitting an
  advert in the editorial office which is found upstairs in the AM
  Daily building on Rime Street. Notices cost 50 pence to place and 20
  pence for every ten characters. The syntax to use is "submit advert
  in notices".
The members are:
Aberaven, Aerralin, Anastazja, Camelion, Jaceth, Jeanie, Manutius, Mauve, Mickey, Mursi, Nicia, Nienna and Radiosilence
The recruiters are:
Anastazja, Camelion and Jeanie