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Discworld Domains - Klatch

The leader of Klatch is Aristophanes.

The dark, mysterious and sandy continent of Klatch awaits the intrepid
footsteps of eager explorers. From civilized coastal countries of Tsort,
Djelibeybi, Ephebe and Omnia to the great mountains and lush savannah of the
interior, from the scorched deserts of the Great Nef to the wild jungles of
Howondaland, Klatch is simply full of surprises to enthral, delight, and
occasionally devour visitors to these shores. Where cats are revered as
emissaries of the gods and the priesthood is held sacrosanct by the combined
power of thousands of gods, care is essential to avoid an unpleasant
introduction to the crocodiles that lurk in the depths of the Djel.

If you are interested in finding out more about the domain, please visit the
domain webpages at or talk to the
Leader or one of the deputies of the domain.

Klatch domain webpages

Members of this illustrious domain: