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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Revisionist, posted on Fri Mar 15 10:08:44 2024
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
* The "brief" command now shows your settings in alphabetical order.

* The lecture timetables in the AM Assassins' Guild now obey your temporal_reality setting.

* When Bernita's wombles deliver flowers, you'll now be able to see in hcomm who sent them.

* Various new breads have been added to the bakery stall in Djelibeybi's bazaar.

* Some witch hats will now keep the rain off when they didn't before.

* The thaum-absorbing pyramids in the outdoor gym at the Institute of Illusory Learning now work.

- Guildenstern and Kake

The Craft Of Bugfixing, posted on Wed Mar 6 13:40:18 2024
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: General
* Beard Day beards can now be removed. They will vanish when you do so, but if this makes you sad then you can always su for another one.

* The Morporkian Carriages game will now tell you who won when the game has finished. Moreover, you can now end a game that's got "stuck" by making sure that all players who are still in the room have resigned (see the helpfile attached to the game for more details).

* Decoratable items now have the adjective "decorated" or "undecorated" as appropriate. Moreover, fabric-covered decoratable items now mention the colour of the fabric in their short desc (instead of being e.g. just "a velvet covered gift box").

* Pottery items now have the adjective "fired" or "unfired" as appropriate. For technical reasons, this change couldn't be made retroactive, so it only applies to pots made from the time this change went live; but since these adjectives are mainly useful during the making process, we felt it was worth implementing the change anyway.

* Pottery plates are easier to glaze than they were. Conversely, teapots are now slightly harder.

* The Ninja pottery room now has a brush and a set of tongs on the table for everyone to use.

* Binders have been made slightly larger, and will now hold 32 items rather than only 20. However, please note that for item-counting purposes, every item inside the binder is counted, rather than the entire thing counting as just one item. This is not a bug, and it's also not a punishment for people who like to collect things - it's a technical limitation due to the fact that binders can contain editable items like maps and enchantable/writeable/remember-placeable/etc items like creator cards and iconographs.

* The message when failing to sculpt a finesmithing item has been clarified to remove ambiguity about whether any progress at all has been made.

* A bug has been fixed in the code that sets the values of finesmithed items; specifically, for some (but not all) items, it was failing to add the full value of the materials. Now this is fixed, every well-made finesmithed item should return at least _some_ profit. This fix is retroactive, so you may find that existing finesmithed necklaces and brooches have increased in value (but not rings, since the bug didn't affect them).

* Trying to use the "fix" command on an unsuitable item will now give you a much more helpful message wherever possible, indicating what you need to use instead of a forge.



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