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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Assassin Guildhouse Defenses., posted on Tue Jan 12 21:55:23 2016
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
The existing defences for the Assassin specialisations' guildhouses have been upgraded.

All specialisations now have the ability to ban players from their grounds entirely. This is in addition to the previous ability to ban other specialisations or individuals from using guild facilities.

All specialisations have also had their guard NPCs upgraded so that bans can be better enforced.

The AM assassins also now possess stronger guard assassin NPCs. An extra feature of these is that they can also hear the noise from combat in other parts of the guild and will respond accordingly. Of the assassin specialisations, on AM assassins' guards do this as they have a lot more territory - and entry points - to cover than the other specialisations' guards. In addition, most areas of the other specialisations' guildhouses are already out of bounds to other guilds and therefore have a lessened need for this feature.

The AM assassins' private inhumation office auto-inhume has also been made harder to avoid.

I have tried to allow all specialisations to better protect themselves, but am happy to consider additional changes - particularly for the Mano Rossa, Ninja, and Hashishim - if you approach me with them.

Igoring Around..., posted on Tue Jan 12 07:36:52 2016
Posted by: Reality
Category: Am (domain pages)
Today, the Igor in the Fiveways Belltower found some ancient notes. On studying these notes, he found the way to remove and attach limbs that had gone a bit quantum. He may now provide this service if people ask him nicely.



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