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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Germane Riposte, posted on Wed Jun 12 14:49:46 2024
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
Various bugs in the hunter's pack have been fixed. It should now no longer prevent you from slipping things into it while closed, and it should no longer give the wrong failure message when you try to put something into it that doesn't fit.

Ranged inhumes now take account of the damage types available on the weapon. Specifically, they no longer assume pierce damage unless the weapon can actually inflict that type of damage.

Poison lab equipment will now give a special message at the end of th...

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Killing Time, posted on Wed May 8 14:10:58 2024
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
This month's Bugfix Weekend was focused on warriors, but we also have a few little faith-related treats.

The alignment-based messages that are shown to a person who actively leaves a deity's passage room are now also shown to the people following that person. (These messages have no actual effect - they're just for flavour.)

Faith shields lasting more than two years were supposed to print special messages when viewed with the "shields" command, but there was a bug preventing this. That bug ha...

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Revisionist, posted on Fri Mar 15 10:08:44 2024
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
* The "brief" command now shows your settings in alphabetical order.

* The lecture timetables in the AM Assassins' Guild now obey your temporal_reality setting.

* When Bernita's wombles deliver flowers, you'll now be able to see in hcomm who sent them.

* Various new breads have been added to the bakery stall in Djelibeybi's bazaar.

* Some witch hats will now keep the rain off when they didn't before.

* The thaum-absorbing pyramids in the outdoor gym at the Institute of Illusory Learning now ...

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Pressure Drop, posted on Tue Feb 20 10:27:00 2024
Posted by: Kake
Category: Waterways (domain pages)
The XP reward for sailing has been rebalanced to bring it more in line with other game systems. In particular, it now takes into account the duration of your voyage, in order to ensure that crews of all speeds are given a fair reward for their time.

I've put further details below, but I also want to explain the thinking behind this change, and make it clear what will and will not happen in response to player feedback.

Firstly, the reason for the change. This is a high-XP mission, which means ...

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No One Knows What The Dead Think, posted on Wed Dec 6 17:37:31 2023
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
Feeding GP to a spectre will now extend the duration of its life properly, rather than simply replacing the old timeout with a new one. This means that you no longer need to wait until your spectre is about to disappear in order to avoid wasting previously-fed GP.

Praying for others will now contribute deity points to the pool in the same way as praying in general.

"appraise here" will now attempt to let you know if you're in a room where dropped things will fall down rather than just stay...

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Injury Time, posted on Mon Aug 21 12:30:15 2023
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
Four new achievements have been added, all from ideas in our Rainy Day File: Accident Prone, Brittle Bones, Packrat and Scheherazade.

The quartermaster's shovel is now a mace, rather than a polearm, since this is more consistent with its length.

Sorrel will now answer to "spice".

Gravitas, What Gravitas?, posted on Wed Aug 9 15:57:03 2023
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
A bug has been fixed in the Memorable achievement, but unfortunately the fix required us to clear progress on this achievement for those who have made some progress but not yet completed it. If you feel hard done by because of this, please talk to a liaison. This does not affect people who've already completed the achievement; only people who were part-way there.

The spelling of the "Fossilized" title has been corrected to "Fossilised", in line with MUD style for spelling. If you were using t...

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Thank You And Goodnight, posted on Wed Jun 7 14:47:08 2023
Posted by: Kake
Category: Special
Our recent Bugfix Weekend produced a plethora of fixes and enhancements, mostly related to playerhousing, decoration and furniture. Further details below!

* Furniture now responds to "placed furniture" and "unplaced furniture"/"displaced furniture" as appropriate. Moreover, it now responds to "all"/"thing"/"things" _if and only if_ it is unplaced; so, for example, "drop all" will now drop furniture items as well, but "get all" will continue to ignore placed furniture.

* Beds (except hammocks, ...

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Flexible Demeanour, posted on Wed Mar 29 12:07:43 2023
Posted by: Kake
Category: Forn (domain pages) and Guilds
The Ettouferie of Luc Chanceux is now open on Yaga Crescent in Genua, offering custom-made string ties of all descriptions. Mano Rossarians in particular will find his services of interest.

Goaded on by this competition, Monsieur Gabbiani has increased his fabric options to include a couple of locally-themed leathers; though unlike Luc, he continues to offer his services to members of the Mano Rossa only.

Guildenstern and Kake

Learned Response, Part 2, posted on Sat Jan 14 15:38:10 2023
Posted by: Kake
Category: Forn (domain pages)
Some more updates for the Genua trainable pets:

- They now do an emote (about wanting to go on an adventure) when they send a follow request to someone. This should make it easier for their owners to see what's going on and hence to praise or punish them as preferred.

- The monkeys can now be trained to "equip" and "unequip", thus allowing them to wear and remove human clothing as well as pet clothing. (This was kinda-sorta implemented already, but wasn't working properly.) You can still simpl...

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