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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Cravats Etc., posted on Sun Jan 9 11:23:14 2022
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: General
* You can now both tie all cravats in fashionable (or unfashionable) styles, and stick cravat pins in them.

* Iconographer's vests are now available from the iconography shop on the Ridings, Ankh-Morpork, for all your iconography needs. Or at least the ones that will fit in pockets.

* You can now stare at a lava lamp and feel it reflected in your soul.

Engraving, posted on Sat Dec 11 14:53:13 2021
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: Special
You can now engrave on quite a few more materials than you used to be able to.

Tool Holsters, posted on Fri Dec 10 22:50:45 2021
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: General
The oiled leather thigh holsters, which would previously hold any tool, have been revamped because many tools are unrealistically large. They now look like this:

"It could sheathe a jewellers tool, drawknife, brush, file, graving tool, screwdriver or gemcutting tool."

If you previously had other things in them, and they're still there, that's normal - you just won't be able to replace them there after removing them.

Hogswatch!, posted on Wed Dec 8 21:55:12 2021
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: Sur
Happy pre-Hogswatch, everyone! At some point during the next few days, the Rotational Association of Sto Lat will put up their Hogswatch tree and open up their shop, and it will officially be Hogswatchtide. The Chairman had this to say:

"I would like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that the Hogswatch tree due to be placed in the Royal Market is perfectly safe so long as nobody of low and rash character does anything so flagrantly stupid as to poke it repeatedly. I repeat, DO ...

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A One-Horse Town, posted on Thu Oct 7 13:29:47 2021
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: Sur
The stable in Nowhere is now an actual stable! With a horse in it.



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