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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Kiss The Blade, posted on Wed Jan 11 14:18:54 2023
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
Being at the turn of the year, our most recent Bugfix Weekend focused on a guild concerned heavily with endings - assassins! Here's what we did.

* Fingering an assassin will now show if they hold a position within their spec.

* Inhumation books/scrolls/rolls can now be viewed with the contracts sorted by price (ascending/descending) as well as by name.

* Something at the Mano Rossa mansion that was not previously climbable has now been made climbable (and also something-else-able).

* Monsieur Gabbiani has added a selection of red shades to the fabrics he stocks for Mano Rossa suits.

* The first Hashishim trial now makes more narrative sense, and the instructions for the second are now less misleading.

* The Hashishim paradise used to dump people into the void under certain circumstances. It should no longer do so.

* The Ninja shop now stocks a ten-slot scabbard for throwing stars & shuriken.

* Ricepaper books have become washi paper books, and the pages are now washi paper rather than default "writing paper".

* When finding out from new female recruits whether they want to join Black Widow House, the Conlegium Sicariorum secretary will now ask the question again if she doesn't understand the answer, rather than assuming that any answer other than "yes" means "no".

* The Sto Lat CS outpost has been cured of its unreasonable prejudice against people who like to use twisted vine rings to unlock doors. It has also reluctantly conceded that soaking a towel in its fountain is permissible.

* The CS graduate clothes shop has started selling sensible knickers, ideal for the more middle-aged assassin.

* The CS library will no longer recommend books that have been removed from circulation.

* CS students now have a shared newbie chest in the stairwell outside their dormitories.

- Guildenstern, Kake and Stygian



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