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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Two Random Updates..., posted on Fri Apr 16 05:05:00 2021
Posted by: Presto
Category: Special
Hello! A couple of updates to note:

1. The 'draw' command has been updated, and the syntax is a little different. This mostly affects drawing multiple weapons at the same time, but whether it affects you or not depends on your "options input andascomma" setting. Bottom line is if you used to use something like "draw knife and dagger into left hand and right hand" and it doesn't work now, try "draw knife,dagger into left hand and right hand".

2. Clocks and watches have been updated so that glancing at them will show the approximate time. There is also a 'glance' option on their MXP menus. This does not apply to watches that tell the time with a speaking imp (because they don't have faces). There may be some oddball watches out there that don't behave properly, so if you have a timepiece that doesn't give you the time at a glance, please file a bug report.



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