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Names & Language

The topic of names and language is a somewhat complex one that often gets misunderstood.

The first, and perhaps biggest, misunderstanding is that our policies are not about language that specific creators or players are offended by. Rather we are concerned with setting the right tone. The admins of Discworld are intent upon creating a game that is as accessible as we can make it where people are not discouraged from playing by religious intollerance, racism, sexism, xenophobia or just generalised abusiveness.


In this context names and language that make statements belittling or contemptous of others race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation etc. are not permitted and neither is foul, profane or vulgar language.

That's the idea, the implementation however is another matter. Clearly what exactly constitutes such usages is very subjective and hard to define. We do not require pre-approval of names and so we have to respond to names as and when we see them.

In general names that make explicit reference to modern religions, sexual practices, race or nationality may fall afoul of these guidelines though no doubt we can all think of counter examples that would not do so.

Regarding the other two items mentioned in the guidance for new character names these are more practical in their importance.

We ask people not to choose names from the books because it may impact our ability to create the game. We ask people not to choose nouns or names similar to those from the books because of the problems of confusion and also conflict. For example, we have had players who were the constant recipients of random souls due to name clashes.

If someone chooses a name that is a noun, similar to a book name, refers to religion, race, sexual practices etc. etc. they may lose their character, that is the risk they take. It is exceptionally easy to avoid such names and so I see no reason to complain if you use one and later find your character deleted.


When it comes to private communication between consenting individuals we do not care what language, words or terms are used. Please note that this is not carte blanche to abuse someone through tells.

On public channels however we do not permit profane, foul or offensive language for the reasons given above. Notice that the rules are about meaning and intent rather than specific words or lack of words.