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Discworld, the flat mud.

Please imagine a very nice picture of four Elephants sitting on a turtle's (sex unknown) back flying through space. On top of the elephants rests the Disc of the world, garlanded by the long waterfall at its vast circumference and domed by the baby blue vault of heaven. Imagine this, because I am not going to draw this in ascii graphics.

The mud is based upon the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. I could say it has millions of races, large red butterflys stuck all over it and has infinite player killing. But I would be lieing.

It does however have a few neat guilds. Languages for all the family, as well as other cute features like nicknames, history, follow commands... All the stuff you have come to expect from a mud with character.

So if you wish to look at a fairly old, innovativish, mud with lots of strange stuff floating around on it, you could do worse than look at Discworld.

Now for the real add bit.

New! Innovative! Free character with every active connection! Let your mind expand until you can't stay in the same room with it! Never mind the cabbages, try Discworld! Discworld, where everyones right to be a frog is secure! Don't walk, run!

This mud is brought to you by the colour blue and the number 8.

What is the address of this mud I hear you clamouring to ask. Well, its ( 4242. See you there.

Plug for the admins: This mud is co-run by DrGoon and Pinkfish. (With lots of help from other too numerous to name which is why I haven't, ignoring the fact I probably can't remember all their names).