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Discworld player help



friends - your list of friends


friends <person>
friends add <person> <tag>
friends add club <club> <tag>
friends remove club <club>
friends remove <person>
friends clear
friends cleanup


This allows you to track down your friends and keep track of them. It controls all the people you have in your friends list and lets you add a small tag beside each friend.

The command by itself will list all of your currently setup friends. The command with only one argument will list information about that one friend.

If you are listening to the 'inform' channel (see help inform for further info), the <tag> part will add a message you will see when the person logs in/out of Discworld, or when you list your friends.

If you use the 'friends clear' command it will clear all of the friends in your friend list.

If you use the 'friends cleanup' command it will go through your list of friends and remove any that no longer exist.

If you use the 'who', 'qwho' or related commands you can use 'friends' as an argument to get the list of your currently online friends.


> friends
Dlsss: too witchy for words
Pinkfish: fluffy
> friends add dlsss too witchy for words
You add dlsss with a tag of too witchy for words.
> friends remove pepsi
You remove pepsi from your friends list
[Pinkfish enters Discworld — fluffy]
> qwho friends

See also

inform, who, qwho