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More Than Playing

 — where you give a little something something

We hope you are enjoying your time as a player - you're the reason this entire game is here, after all! However, if you feel a bit of a creative itch coming on, there are all sorts of ways in which you can participate in helping shape the game.

Fancy lending a friendly hand to young, eager new players? You might want to consider our newbiehelpers program.

Do bugs and pytoes get you down? Perhaps our playtesters program is more your speed?

To put your name forward for either of these roles, have a look at the apply command!

If you feel your creative juices flowing, you could consider either the Ramtops Ramblers or the Ankh-Morpork Architects. These are non-creator positions, but they still give you an opportunity to add your own unique perspective to the game.

If none of that seems like enough meat, then we are almost always on the look out for new creators. You don't even need to be able to code!

Finally, you can contribute in a very real sense by regularly voting for the MUD at top mud sites. Your votes move us up the table, and the higher we are the more players we attract. Having a sustainable and growing player-base is one of the most important things we can strive for. If you want to do this whenever you can, you can switch on an in-game reminder by using 'options output vote_reminder = on'.

Never forget though that the most important contribution you can make is to simply play and enjoy the game! Have fun!