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Discworld player help



who - complete information on who is online


who [verbose|[filter 1, filter 2, ...][& filter 3, filter 4, ...]...]


When used with no parameters who gives a short list of who is online.

When used with the 'verbose' parameter it gives the long information about who is online, shows their status, their guild rank and any other pertinent information.

Optionally you can provide a list of filters in which case only members of the filter you give are listed. For a list of the various filters see below. If you specify a '-' in front of the name of the filter (ie: -creator) then it will show the members that are not in that filter list.

You can show an intersection of people on as well using the '&' connector. So 'who killers & thieves' would show all the player killer thieves.


age <number>everyone at least <number> days old
atheistthose who worship no deities at all
birthdayeveryone with a birthday today
citizencitizens of anywhere
citizen of <somewhere>e.g. 'citizen of the agatean empire'
club <name>everyone in the club <name>
deadas a doornail
familyeveryone with a family name
family <name>everyone with the family name <name>
friendsee help friends
<gender>from a choice of male, female or neuter
groupedeveryone in a group
<guild>e.g. 'wizards'. Guild specialisations also work, e.g. 'black widow' or 'lodgers'
helpersnewbiehelpers (help newbiehelpers)
herepeople in the same room as you (if you can see them)
hereticthose who have been excommunicated
idleeveryone at least 5 minutes idle
idle <number>everyone at least <number> minutes idle
killer/pkplayerkillers (see help playerkilling)
liaisonliaisons or liaison player alts if no liaisons are available
magistratemagistrates of anywhere
magistrate of <somewhere>e.g. 'magistrate of ankh-morpork'
<nationality>e.g. 'ephebian'
newbieat most 18 hours old
oldbiecharacter created at least 7 years ago
playtestersee help playtesters
title <title>everyone with that pre-title e.g. 'title mr' or 'title flatulent'


Some people will have letters following their name eg. Ceres (T). The following are a list of the various letters and what they mean:

(l)indicates a liaison
(C)indicates a creator
(S)indicates a senior creator
(I)indicates an independent creator
(D)indicates a domain director
(T)indicates an administrator (Trustee)
(e)indicates a playtesting executive
(p)indicates a senior playtester
(F)indicates that they are on your friends list.


> who
> who witches
> who -assassins
> who wizards,priests
> who thieves&killers
> who killers&citizen of ankh-morpork&-idle 3

See also

whois, finger, users, qwho, friends, creator, admin