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General Rules

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General Rules

The Rules

We want to keep Discworld a fair and fun environment for everyone. Anything that detracts from that fairness and fun will be frowned upon. This results in our most important rule:

Have fun, play fair, and don't get personal.

Ruining it for others is not what we're about, so if you're considered a bit of a spoilsport, annoying, cruel, or otherwise a nasty piece of work, we'll probably do something about it. And if you're lucky, we'll be creative.

This is what has been called "the spirit of the rules". The rest of this file contains some examples of how we see this implemented in practice, but remember that the "spirit" is more important than the "letter". If the game is less fun because of something you're doing, regardless of any rule in this file or elsewhere, you will be asked to stop.

The rules, in brief.

For more detail on any of these, see the appropriate helpfile in "See also", below.

Char OwnershipCharacters may not be shared (even briefly), sold or given away. Keep your password safe. You are responsible for your characters' actions. Don't sell or trade items for real money.
MultiplayingYou may only have one character online at a time. Play well with other characters. You may pass items and money between your characters, but don't overdo it. Do try using others' services where possible; it is more fun anyway.
AutomationThe use of client-side automation - timers, scripts, auto-login etc. - is not allowed on Discworld. This includes any means of playing without paying attention.
Bug AbuseIf you find a game feature that seems to be working in an unexpectedly beneficial way, it could be a bug, so you should report it. Not doing so might make us think you've abused it.
Quest SolutionsQuest solutions are available in the "Playing" menu on the Discworld website - however, to protect against "spoilers", discussion of quests on public channels is prohibited.
Losing your linkIntentionally losing your link (disconnecting, quitting, suing, closing your client window etc.) to avoid death in combat, or to prevent similar undesirable game features, isn't playing fair.
Language and ToneLanguage in any public forum should be kept civil and appropriate. We don't like abusive or offensive words or statements, overt sexual or drug references, or personal attacks.
PK/NPK interactionPlayer killers (PKs) and Non-player killers (NPKs) can interact in almost all ways. However, NPKs cannot be attacked by PKs, so an NPK helping a PK in a PK interaction - fight, theft etc. - is not fair.
HarassmentHarassment of any kind (including sexual and racial) is grounds for immediate deletion. Do not verbally abuse or spread malicious rumours or lies about other players.

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