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Discworld player help



inform - Toggle the inform channel on and off.


inform [all/none/on/off]
inform <type> [on/off] [<type> [on/off]] ...


With this command you set which special messages you are informed of. If you specify no arguments it will tell you what you are currently being informed of and whether inform is on or off.

The inform messages can be suppressed or unsuppressed with "inform off" and "inform on". Suppressing the inform messages does not change which types of messages you will be informed of, it just stops you being told about them until you turn them on again.

The all keyword makes you be informed of all possible event types. You can specifically turn on and off informing of certain types of events. If you do not specify whether it should be on or off it toggles the status of the event.

The type of inform events are as follows:

achievement: shown when players attain achievements of moderate level or higher

birthday: shown when a player logs in on their birthday

blog: shown when a new entry is made to the creators' blog

council: will display council events

cpu: shows you information on how well A'tuin is doing

event: shown when a new player-run event is added or is soon to start

friend: will display people on your friends list in a special colour

guild-logon: shows you when members of your guild log in or out

group-request: shows you when someone makes a grouping request

logon: will show which players are logging in and which are logging out

new-player: will show you who logs in for the first time

roleplaying: shows when someone starts or stops roleplaying actively


> inform logon on
You will now be informed of logon events.
[Pinkfish leaves Discworld]
[Bil enters Discworld]

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