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apply - applications to be a creator or playtester


apply vouch for <name> as <position>
apply query vouch for <name> as <position>
apply query all my vouches
apply delete vouch for <name> as <position>

apply as developer
apply as liaison
apply as playtester
apply delete my application as <position>

apply list requirements for {creator|liaison|playtester|newbiehelper|director} [applications]
apply list questions for {creator|liaison|playtester|newbiehelper|director} [applications]
apply list available positions
apply list position status


The apply command is used to apply for an official position change on Discworld. Most of these positions are awarded on the basis of merit by a domain leader.

The employment system on Discworld works through a system of applications and vouches. Each category of employment carries with it its own requirements and its own questions for application. You can see what the requirements for a position are with 'apply list requirements for <type> applications'. You can see which positions are handled by this command with 'apply list available positions', and you can see which positions are currently hiring with 'apply list position status'. If you wish to see the questions for a particular position, then 'apply list questions for <type> applications'.

The procedure works as follows: First, you write your application. When you agree to submit your application then it gets stored in a 'pending' position until you get a number of people to vouch for you... the number of people depends on the type of position you are applying for. When you have received the required number of vouches, your application gets posted to the relevant board for consideration. Only once you have received all the vouches for your application are you under consideration for employment. You may only have one pending application for each category at once... so you may have pending applications as a creator and a playtester, but not two as a creator. It is not advisable to pursue employment in more than one category at a particular time, however.

Note that 'apply as developer' and 'apply as liaison' do different things. The former is for the position of coding creator and the latter for the position of liaison.

Applications will time out of the system if you do not get enough vouches in the specified time-frame. You may resubmit an application as many times as you like. The time-frame for this varies with each position. You will be mailed if your application times out, and also if your application receives the required number of vouches and is posted to the board.

People can submit vouches on your application using 'apply vouch for <name> as <position>'... their vouch will be recorded along with your application for that position. If they wish to change their vouch, they can simply revouch and their new vouch will overwrite the earlier. They will be asked why they think you would make a good applicant for the position, and their vouches will also be posted to the board along with your application. Note: The quality of your vouches will directly reflect on the quality of your application. The more mature, responsible and trustworthy your vouchers, the better it will be for your application. You also cannot vouch for yourself.

You can 'apply delete my application as <position>' if you wish to change your mind, but only up until the point where the application is posted.

Those who have submitted vouches can see what they wrote for a particular applicant with 'apply query vouch for <name> as <position>', and what all of their pending vouches were with 'apply query all my vouches'

NOTE: It is important that you are honest in your application and that your answers reflect your complete knowledge of a subject. If you gain employment under false pretenses then you will be dismissed and/or deleted. Likewise, if someone vouches for a candidate they know to be applying under false pretenses, and keeps this information secret, then that player will be subject to discipline due to breaking the spirit of the rules: to play fair.

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