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Playtesters - players who test new areas and seek out bugs for creators


Playtesters possess a very important role on Discworld. They are experienced players who show an active interest in seeking out and reporting bugs for all sorts of things in the game, in particular new things, whether they be quests, objects, commands or areas of Discworld. Playtesters are vital to the existence of Discworld's high standards of quality because they provide creators with valuable feedback on their coding projects before they are made generally available.


To become a playtester, you need to be at least 15 days old and have a guild level of at least 150. You also need to know three people, if possible playtesters, willing to vouch for you. You should then submit your application using the "apply" command, answering the questions as prompted and giving reasons as to why you believe you should be granted playtester status; your three references should then "vouch" for you, giving their reasons as to why they believe that you would make a good playtester. Once you have applied and three references have been submitted, your complete application will be submitted for consideration.


Once a player has been appointed as a playtester, they will be granted access to a number of projects under testing or development. Playtesters are expected to make use of tools granted to them to scrutinise such projects in detail and make bug reports concerning their findings. Having access to areas in playtesting is not simply an invitation to go around killing NPCs for experience!

Playtesters are also expected to be more assiduous than most when it comes to reporting bugs even in existing areas that are open to all players. Bug reports of playtesters are sampled and reviewed continually and a high standard of bug reporting is expected of playtesters. The playtester status is a privilege, not a right, so these standards must be met for continued playtester status.

There is also a formal Code Of Conduct document, which can be found on the web pages. This goes into further detail and is binding for Playtesters.


Playtesting can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. It can also be an excellent way to "give something back" to Discworld for players who enjoy playing and would like to share positive feedback with developers. It holds the added benefit of being allowed to explore new areas of the game before they are introduced to everyone else.

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